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Single Abstracts for Individual Presentations

We are seeking abstracts from around the globe, encompassing the interests of bridge owners, contractors, designers, researchers, maintenance personnel, and vendors. Our goal is to provide the very best from the total spectrum of the orthotropic system and design concept.

We believe, the orthotropic system and design concept is a viable solution for future structures, even in space. Therefore, we encourage researchers from a broad array of scientific disciplines to submit abstracts addressing topics, identified in the list below, with emphasis on presentations that highlight innovative topics with practical application.

Note: All accepted presenters and moderators are required to register and attend the conference.

Conference Topics

A. Analysis and Design Advancements in Orthotropic Bridges

B. Construction Methods and Technological Advancements in Orthotropic Bridges

C. Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair of Orthotropic Bridges

D. Monitoring, Serviceability and Structural Health Monitoring of Orthotropic Bridges

E. Seismic Design and Retrofit of Orthotropic Bridges

F. Fabrication Methods and Technology Advancements in Orthotropic Bridges

G. Orthotropic System for Non-BridgeStructures (e.g. Marine, Offshore, Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial structures)

H. Use of Orthotropic Concept for Non-SteelMaterials(e.g. Aluminum, Carbon fiber, etc.)

I. Orthotropic Concepts in Architecturally Exposed Structures

J. Other topic than listed in A. through I.

Authors, we are prepared to accept your papers immediately upon your abstract being accepted. Please use the links below to find the necessary forms and documentation for your paper submittal and presentation. The full paper should have a maximum length of 16 pages (A4 size or 11 in x 8.5 in). We look forward to making your conference experience an enjoyable and informative one.


Please submit your abstracts to: ABSTRACT@5OBC.ORG


Note: All accepted presenters and moderators are required to register and attend the conference.